Youth & Family Ministry


The vision of “A Living Curriculum” is to empower children and youth to use their spiritual wisdom to fulfill their soul’s purpose; to empower parents to see themselves as the primary spiritual educators of their children and youth; to empower facilitators to see education as a process, through which they effectively support the unfolding of the child’s spiritual nature and model the living of the spiritual principles; to empower a spiritual community by its philosophy, process, programs and products. (Unity Worldwide Ministries)


5-Point Check List 

1. Identify: Each lesson begins with an issue or theme that will be explored.

2. The Vehicle: Either a Bible story, sacred literature, movie clip, life event or songs are used to introduce the issue or theme. This creates a common experience that everyone can connect to.

3. The Discussion: This is the heart of each lesson. The questions used invite the students to see how the issue is happening to the characters in the story, how it is happening in their lives and the world around them and helps them come to their own conclusions as to how to experience life from a deeper, more connected place.

4. The Creative Experience: The creative experiences are open-ended activities that invite the students to play in what they have heard and shared and to explore how it is relevant to their lives.

5. The Sharing: Each lesson ends with an opportunity for the students to share what they have experienced. They are also encouraged to take the new discoveries home with them and use them in their daily lives.

Children’s Ministry

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Teen Ministry

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