Children’s Ministry

The lessons each Sunday focus on reinforcing the idea that God is within us, around us, everywhere present and that we are loved unconditionally. We also begin to establish a basic understanding of the Bible and how the stories in the Bible reflect Unity Principles. Other sacred writings and contemporary children’s stories are also used. The children are encouraged to connect with their inner wisdom and to live the Truth they know.

To ensure the maximum safety for the children, a parent/guardian is required to sign the child into the classroom. The children will be brought to their parents in the Sanctuary at the end of Church.

For the safety of the children . . . We inquire into personal references and perform a criminal background check on all volunteers who work with

Preschool - Ages 2 to 5

Young children are noticing more about the world around them and their place in it. They are full of curiosity and questions and are developing the capacity to respond in a loving way to others and to take responsibility for their actions.

Curriculum Focus – Creating experiences that: 

  • Help the children know they are loved just as they are. 
  • Explore Jesus as a human being and as a model of love and goodness. 
  • Help children understand that, they too, have the spiritual potential to act in ways which bring out their best selves.

Elementary - Ages 6 to 10

These students are energetic, curious, open, imaginative, and enthusiastic. They are learning what it means to be in a relationship with each other. They still need adult help and reassurance but also need time on their own to explore new ideas and concepts. They are developing the ability to talk about and explain their ideas.

Curriculum Focus – Creating experiences that: 

  • Help the children see Jesus as a person who had challenges and difficulties but created a relationship with God that helped him to move through these challenges with loving kindness and generosity. 
  • Invite the children to explore how they, too, can let God live through them as an expression of life, love and kindness.