Sunday Worship

Online Options


The message and meditation will be prerecorded this week and available for viewing at 10:30 am. This will consist of the Daily Word, Message and Meditation. You should choose this option if you are interested in viewing only the message and meditation. (This portion will also be available for viewing on Unity Center of Light’s website later.)
Easy instruction info to access UCL YouTube videos:
1) Go to
2) Scroll down & click on the most recent video


The Zoom Fellowship Room will open at 10:30 am on Zoom and will begin with the prerecorded message and meditation immediately followed by music and fellowship. You should choose this option if you are interested in more time, connection, and engagement with your spiritual family. CLICK FOR ZOOM LINK
Please Note: When you enter the Zoom event, you will be automatically put on mute. Please remain on mute and during the fellowship time you can raise your hand to be un-muted and share. Following these guidelines will insure we all have a good experience.


Worship with Us In Person

**Please Note: Our Campus is Currently Closed.  All Services are Online**

The service contains a combination of readings; worship through song; fellowship; an the instructional message to guide and enlighten; and a guided meditation.

A separate program is available for children in several age groups though they join the adults after the offering.

Services are usually concluded by 12:00 pm.

After the service, refreshments and fellowship occur in the fellowship hall.

5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Member

These steps can be completed in any order, with the Spiritual Baptism Ceremony being the last step.

  1. Attend a Member Orientation session. (These are held approximately four times a
    year and will be announced in the Sunday bulletin, in the newsletter, and on the web site.)
  2. Attend 6 class sessions of any combination of designated “New Member” classes.
    (These classes are identified in the Sunday bulletin and the newsletter.)
  3. File an Application for Membership to state your intent to become a member.
  4. Participate in this ministry through active interest, love and support.
  5. Sign up for and attend the Spiritual Baptism Ceremony. (This is held during
    the Sunday service approximately four times per year.) The minister gives a
    blessing for the new members, then asks the congregation to bless them also.

While we believe it is important to have concrete steps for becoming a member, we know that
true membership comes from the heart. When you are ready to become a member, we will
welcome you with an open heart and open arms.

Membership is not a requirement to attend any of our workshops, classes or activities.